CAS Graduate Plus-Minus Grading


Motion: The Faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences recommends that the departments of the college shall have the option to report grades for graduate studies including designations of "plus" and "minus." Departments may individually decide whether or not to participate in "plus-and-minus grading." Should a department elect the "plus-minus" option, that option must be available to all graduate programs in the department.  (source: Faculty Senate, 11/23/15 approval)

Plus-Minus Grading Questions in Response to Faculty Senate

  • Courses offered at a 300/400 level will require separate grading for undergraduate and graduate students and this should be reflected in the syllabus and submitted as a change for the Bulletin.
  • If the course is cross-listed with another department or outside program, +/- grading will apply to the departmental listings only for those departments that have voted for +/- grading.
  • If the course is not cross-listed, +/- grading will apply to all students registered for the course regardless of their departmental home. The Registrar in recording the grades will convert to the grading scheme of the student’s departmental home. (Note: This is consistent with MSASS’s +/- grading.)
  • The same will apply to students in dual programs.

(source: Memo from CAS Graduate Committee to CAS Executive Committee, 3/17/15)

Participating Departments

Academic departments in the College of Arts and Sciences that award plus-minus grades to graduate students include:

Effective Term Code Description
Fall 2016 ARTH Art History
Fall 2016 ARTS Art Studio
Fall 2016 ASTR Astronomy
Fall 2020 CLSC Classics
Fall 2016 DANC Dance
Fall 2017 ENGL English
Fall 2016 HSTY History
Fall 2016 MUSC Music
Fall 2016 POSC Political Science
Fall 2016 RLGN Religious Studies
Fall 2016 THTR Theater

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