A Note from Director Anastasia Dimitropoulos

Photograph of Schubert Center Director Anastasia Dimitropoulos

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the Schubert Center:

I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve the Schubert Center in a leadership role.  As a faculty associate for many years, I have watched Jill Korbin, Ph.D. direct the center toward meaningful action and conversation around the well-being of children. The Schubert Center is forever in her debt as she has transformed it to be an active voice on policy issues related to the well-being of children, both to the benefit of Case Western Reserve University, to the broader communities of Cleveland and Ohio, and to all of its past, present, and future children. I look forward to continuing her wonderful work and extending it further with the exciting initiatives identified in our 2019-2023 strategic plan. Our vision is to increase our community-based research efforts, continue and increase our initiatives with Case Western Reserve University students, actively participate in policy discussions at the state and local level on the well-being of children, and to take every opportunity to promote a culture of child-first across our campus and community.

With anticipation of the future,
Anastasia Dimitropoulos