Policy Action Issues

See the Schubert Center's policy priorities and issues for the 134th Ohio General Assembly.

The Schubert Center actively works with community organizations, government agencies and other strategic working groups to promote effective public policy and practice for children and families. Students are an integral part of our work, serving as Research Fellows, participating in externship placements in local organizations, and advocating for policy changes on the local, state and federal levels.

Our primary issue areas and examples of research initiatives include:

Child Welfare

  • Addressing the cycle of poverty
  • Caring connections and assistance for youth transitioning out of foster care

Law and Juvenile Justice

  • Juvenile justice-sentencing, incarceration and probation reforms
  • Improved youth-police relations

Education and Student Supports

  • Educational disparities and outcomes
  • Effects of arts education on youth  

Health and Environment

  • Trauma-informed care for children who experience violence
  • Working towards lead-free kids in Ohio

Youth and Police Interventions News