Research-to-Policy Fellowship Cohort

Photograph of young smiling children of different races and genders facing the camera, posing in an informal group outside wearing t-shirts

The annual Research To Policy Fellowship Cohort (open to Schubert Associates) explores current policy issues and how child-focused research and expertise can inform policy initiatives.  The program, spearheaded by Policy Director Gabriella Celeste and Research Director Sonia Minnes, utilizes a peer fellowship format and includes common readings about policy, presentations from community policy experts, exercises on bridging research to policy, and discussions for application in Associates' specific research areas. 

In this collaborative fellowship experience, participants will:

  1. Identify potential policy connections in their research, with a focus on specific areas of child policy related to their area of research and opportunities for impacting public policy (legislative, regulatory, programmatic, budget, etc.).
  2. Explore how to contribute to effective policies and programming that address structural or systemic racism in order to develop equitable opportunity for Black and other historically disadvantaged children and families.
  3. Understand challenges from elected and administrative policymaker perspectives and how academic research can be most useful in real-world policymaking.
  4. Understand the role of the collaborative partners: practitioners, administrators, advocates, those directly impacted, and others. Develop a network of possible resources, newsletters, etc., specific to their community.
  5. Explore methods for translating research to reach different, non-academic audiences and examples of non-academic communication “products” highlighting research-policy implications (i.e., factsheet, press release, opinion-editorial, research policy brief, testimony, etc.).

"Thank you so much for the very thoughtful and thorough fellowship. Absolutely loved it. Great group size and wonderful guest speakers."

- Summer 2021 participant


Summer 2021 Cohort
Schubert Associate Department
Kimberly Burkhart Department of Pediatrics
Angela Ciccia Department of Psychological Sciences
Amy Fisher Schubert Center for Child Studies
Shanna Kralovic Department of Pediatrics
Laura Voith Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences
Debbie Wilber National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities