Research Initiatives

Children running across grass towards the camera

The Schubert Center promotes and brings visibility to research in various areas connected to child welfare, education, family economics, environmental and health disparities, and juvenile justice.  By uplifting the work of our Faculty Associates and collaborating with public agencies, non-profits and other community organizations, we bring these critical areas to the forefront.  We make vital connections through community engagement and coalition-building efforts to pursue research consistent with our Center’s mission. 

One of the primary goals of Schubert Center initiatives are to bridge at least two of our four areas (research, practice, policy, & education) in every project in which we participate. This principle guides the projects we pursue and is an integral component of our current research initiatives. 

Faculty Associates 

Researchers at CWRU, who are engaged in child-related studies, meet regularly as a campus-wide consortium of Schubert Center Faculty Associates. This group is particularly interested in bridging research with practice and policy to improve child well-being in the greater Cleveland community and to create knowledge and approaches that are relevant and applicable to a larger population of children. 

Research Opportunities

In addition to the research that the Schubert Center team conducts, we offer various funding opportunities for the CWRU community.  Faculty Seed Grants support proposals on emergent and critical issues.  The Freedheim Graduate Student Fellowship is awarded annually to full-time graduate students in Psychology pursuing a PhD on a child-related topic that bridges research, practice and policy, education and students interested in conducting research in the areas of childhood or adolescence are encouraged to apply for the Welter-Muzic Undergraduate Fellowship. We also recognize undergraduate students whose research focuses on children or adolescents with an annual prize during the Intersections Research Showcase.