Child Well-Being Resources

The Schubert Center publishes brief summaries that provide a snapshot of data on current child-related issues and research and the implications for local, state and national policy and practice. They are often released in conjunction with the Schubert Center Conversation Series events. Printable versions of these briefs are available at the links below.

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Date Released Snapshot Handouts

School-Based Health Services in Ohio (SBHS) have played a valuable role in student education and health development. 

Access to quality health services is vital to the overall physical and mental health of children and adolescents and K-12 schools have played an increasingly important role in ensuring students and their families have access to this care. SBHS benefits to students include:

  • increased healthcare utilization and access, especially for mental health services, for students who might not otherwise receive care
  • reducing time out of the classroom and increasing time spent learning
  • reduced absenteeism

The Ohio School-Based Health Alliance partnered with the Schubert Center for Child Studies to conduct a survey on the scope and basic operating procedures of Ohio SBHS providers. 46% of Ohio SBHS providers (64 of an estimated 140) completed the survey. View the full report. 


Kimberly Burkhart, Sonia Minnes, Owusua Yamoah, Ellen Doernberg, Sarah Balser, Timothy Ciesielski, Anastasia Dimitropoulos, Nora L. Nock & Darcy A. Freedman (2021) The effects of COVID-19-related stress among parents and children in Ohio child care programs: a mixed-methods study, Children's Health Care,  DOI: 10.1080/02739615.2021.1997602

Research conducted in collaboration with Swetland Center

This study reports on COVID-19 pandemic-related stress experienced by caregivers of young children in child care. Findings indicated that the majority of caregivers reported moderate to high-stress levels, with nearly half of the caregivers finding difficulty managing their worry and reporting negative coping strategies. In addition, caregivers reported poorer interactions with their child during this time, including difficulty managing their temper, feeling more irritable with their child, and having difficulty with discipline.


Addressing and Preventing Child Abuse in Cuyahoga County: Toward a Coordinated Approach

Prepared in coordination with the Cuyahoga County DCFS Advisory Board


Disparities in Diagnosing and Caring for Children with Autism

Prepared in conjunction with the Kessler-Freedheim Lecture Disparities in Diagnosis and Care of Children with Autism 


Diversity in Children's Picture Books

Prepared in conjunction with Common Ground 2018: Oh, The Places You'll Go: Diversity in Children's Picture Books


Applying a Community Violence Framework to Understand the Impact of Immigration Enforcement Threat on Latino Children

Supporting Young Children Experiencing Separation and Trauma - Resources for Adults Caring for Them

Prepared in conjunction with Childhood Trauma at the U.S. Border


Preschool Removals: A Closer Look 

Prepared in conjunction with Why Are Our Young Children Being Expelled and Suspended in Preschool, and Why Are Some of Our Children At Such Greater Risk?


LGBT Parenting: National and State Perspectives - 2014

Prepared in conjunction with Sexual Orientation and Parenting: Research and Policy Issues