Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The Schubert Center for Child Studies (“Schubert Center”) is an interdisciplinary center with an emphasis on translating academic research to real time policy making and impact on children. The Schubert Center convenes, facilitates, contributes to and in many cases leads community efforts to promote child well-being. The Schubert Center promotes and brings visibility to research, practice, policy and education activities and outcomes on behalf of children – work that would otherwise remain largely in siloes.

The time is right for the Schubert Center to maximize the opportunity ahead.  In the next 4 years the Schubert Center will:

Promote a culture of child-first on campus

  • Hold events that celebrate the child and intersection of research, policy and practice
  • Build a community of like-minded faculty and connect researchers
  • Invest in Case Western Reserve University students
  • Proactively engage at multiple levels of university leadership to advance child-first agenda

Build the platform to showcase the excellence of Case Western Reserve University on behalf of children

  • Amplify the work of faculty; extend their reach
  • Create a content-driven marketing strategy for child studies
  • Develop our website and social media to elevate research
  • Act as a bridge for the community and Case Western Reserve Faculty Associates
  • Leverage the Schubert Center to recruit students and faculty to CWRU

Shape policy to advance child well-being

  • Foster connections between the university and the community to advance shared knowledge of child development and how public policy impacts child well-being
  • Provide policy thought leadership & thought partnership for community leaders
  • Draft policy, incorporating the research and input of credible, trusted sources
  • Develop our website and social media to elevate small, medium and big policy successes

Spotlight issues to inform research and/or policy

  • Look ahead and lead conversations name what’s on the horizon of child well-being
  • Spotlight research and/or policy related to current Faculty Associate research
  • Opportunistically conduct original research that is community-based in partnership with Faculty Associates

Strengthen organizational health

  • Increase University support for and investment in the Schubert Center
  • Increase financial stability
  • Maintain and increase non-student personnel to 5.25 FTEs for sustaining and enhancing the center’s work
  • Maintain and Increase student personnel for sustaining and enhancing the center’s work
  • Ensure successful handoff between current and future Center leadership
  • Review and revise internal policies
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of the Schubert Center