Schubert Center Submits Letter on Police-Youth Relations

In light of a series of events concerning law enforcement in the greater Cleveland area as well as Ohio and across the nation, and more specifically the unique impact these events have on children and young people, the Schubert Center has submitted a letter to local, state and federal level policymakers concerning the importance of an adolescent development- and trauma-informed approach to police-youth interactions. The letter discusses the special nature of child and youth interactions with police and the justice system, where child-related research has potential policy and practice implications and offers specific recommendations for consideration. The Schubert Center seeks to advance child and adolescent well-being and presents this letter as a committed community partner to highlight opportunities for positive reform.

The Schubert Center would like to extend its sincerest gratitude to the following faculty associates who signed on in support of the letter: Lisa Damour, PhDMary Erdmans, PhDRobert L. Fischer, PhDDonald K. Freedheim, PhD, and Brian Gran, PhD.

Read the letter on Police-Youth Relations.

Read the executive summary.