Support for Ohio Foster Youth Extended to Age 21

Introduced in February 2015, the Ohio Fostering Connections Act that establishes a program to support youth in the foster care system through the age of 21 was passed (amended) by the Ohio General Assembly on May 26, 2016. Research shows that youth in the foster care system are at a high risk of homelessness, unemployment, insufficient education, dependence on public assistance, human trafficking, incareration and other negative outcomes. The program will begin planning stages in July 2016 and is expected to be implemented in the next 18 months.

The Schubert Center is proud to be a partner of the Ohio Fostering Connections Initiative and submitted testimony and letters to support the passing of the legislation and looks forward to being involved in the planning process.

Update 1/30/2017: Governor Kasich’s proposed 18-19 budget fully funds the “Bridges” program which will support foster youth through the age of 21. Learn more about the proposed funding.