Handcuffing Girls in Crisis Review - Urgent Call for Action


In a response to the "Handcuffing Girls in Crisis Review," the Schubert Center for Child Studies highlights significant concerns regarding the Cleveland Division of Police's (CDP) practice of restraining children and youth in crisis, particularly black girls. Our response emphasizes the need for unbiased policing and appropriate responses to individuals in crisis, which is crucial to ongoing police reform efforts. Our Center calls for a thorough examination of police interactions and treatment of children and youth, mainly black youth, and requests a meaningful response to address these concerns. Our response emphasizes the involvement of the Mental Health Response Advisory Committee (MHRAC) and raises critical issues and questions regarding the lack of relevant background data and discrepancies in assessments and coding. The Center urges the consideration of this response, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and addressing these concerns to ensure the success of police reform efforts and the well-being of our youth.


Response to "Handcuffing Girls in Crisis Review"