Learning Opportunties

Take Advantage of StrengthsQuest Programming!

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership is excited to host a series of programs that will give students the opportunity to discover and apply their strengths. Explore our numerous learning opportunities!

Strengths 101

Are you able to talk about your talents, what makes you uniquely YOU? For most of us this is uncomfortable because either we don't know or we can only vaguely describe what our unique talents are. Take advantage of this free opportunity to take the online CliftonStrengths Assessment and attend a Strengths 101 workshop so that you can better understand and leverage your unique talents and gifts. Give us 60 minutes and we will help you become more self-aware and confident in the ways you can uniquely contribute to our campus community! Interested? Register for a workshop today!

Advanced Sessions

Geared towards a specific topic, advanced sessions are designed to take your Strengths knowledge to the next level!

1-1 Strengths Conversations

Your top 5 strengths are unique and your learning should be too! Let us talk through your talents and strengths with you so that you can leave with an intentional plan to develop and leverage them. Looking for clarification, a deeper understanding or to think about your strengths from a different lens? Schedule a 30 minute conversation with a certified Strengths Coach today! 

Team Strengths Workshops

Are you a part of an executive board or team that could benefit from a strengths based approach? Let one of our experienced staff facilitate a workshop for your team. The goal of a team workshop is two fold: to help each individual team member learn more about their unique talents, what they will bring to and need from the group and explore how the team can function more productively by understanding and utilizing the talents of each team member. To schedule a team workshop.