Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is a membership-based, car-share rental service for the CWRU community. Vehicles can be rented by the hour, daily, and overnight. They might be used for clinicals, supply runs and more. Program pricing includes gasoline, as well as a mileage allowance. CarShare vehicles are pre-positioned in campus garages for convenient rental by students, faculty, and staff.

Current Enterprise CarShare CWRU Locations

There are currently five vehicles parked in lots a short walk from most points on campus.

Lot 75

A map that shows the location of Lot 75, northeast of E. 116th Street next to the Triangle Parking Garage

This is an easy-access surface lot between the Triangle apartments and Uptown retailers such as Mitchell's Ice Cream and ABC Tavern.

Lot 53

A map showing the location of Lot 53 and Enterprise CarShare at CWRU. Located east of Veale Center off Adelbert Road

Veale Center Garage, Level 2


Lot 46

This 1st-floor garage location is conveniently located near the North Residential Village.


Lot 56 Stephanie Tubbs Jones Residence Hall

Off East 115th Street to the west of DiSanto Field.


Lot 82 Health Education Campus/Maltz Performing Arts Center

Off East 101st Street just north of Chester Avenue the Cleveland Sight Center surface parking lot.