Teachers Observing Teachers Experience (TOTEs)

UCITE invites you to participate in the Teachers Observing Teachers Experience (TOTEs)! Volunteer CWRU faculty colleagues will open their classrooms to their peers in the spirit of sharing their passion for teaching and commitment to student learning. Check back soon for Fall 2024 TOTEs dates!

Have you ever wondered how your colleagues engage students, design effective group learning activities, or address challenging subjects? Have you ever considered trying a new teaching method, but changed your mind because you were uncertain about how it might be received by students? Have you been wanting to make a change in your teaching, but are not certain where to begin? You are not alone.

The UCITE TOTEs program will provide faculty with opportunities to engage with one another, in active classroom learning environments, as members of a pedagogical community. This could happen in multiple ways. For instance, you may choose to explore what teaching looks like in a new discipline, learn how colleagues are using learning-assistive technology, or just interact with someone that you do not see on a regular basis. The choice is yours.

Details on becoming involved with TOTEs can be found here.