Our Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee, 2023-24


Michael (Mike) Benza (School of Law)

Corinne Coen, Organizational Behavior (WSOM)


Anirban Mondal, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics (CAS)

Marjorie Edguer, Social Work, (MSASS)

Don Feke, Chemical Engineering (Vice Provost)


Matthew Garrett, Music Education (UCITE)

Mary Quinn Griffin, Nursing (Outcomes Assessment)



Craig "Denny" King, (FPB School of Nursing)

Tawna Mangosh (School of Medicine)

Rita Obeid, Psychology (College of Arts and Sciences)

Tina Oestreich, Teaching & Learning Technologies (University General)


Andrew Rollins, ECSE Engineering (Case School of Engineering)

Erin Smith


Erin Smith, Kelvin Smith Library (University General)

Ali Syed, OMMDS Dentistry (School of Dental Medicine)



School Department Name
LAW Criminal Law Michael (Mike) Benza
WSOM Organizational Behavior Corinne Coen
CAS Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics Anirban Mondal
MSASS Social Work Marjorie Edguer
Vice Provost Chemical Engineering Don Feke
UCITE Music Education Matthew Garrett
Outcomes Assessment Nursing Mary Quinn Griffin
NURS Nursing Craig (Denny) King
SOM Pharmacology Tawna Mangosh
CAS Psychology Rita Obeid
UGEN Teaching & Learning Technologies Tina Oestreich
CSE Engineering (ECSE) Andrew Rollins
UGEN Kelvin Smith Library Erin Smith
SODM OMMDS Dentistry Ali Syed