Undergraduate TA Training

Training Information

So you've been hired as a TA, now what?


You can check your participation: look for UNIV300 on your transcript.

If you attended UTA training in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022, your training will be out of date on July 31, 2024 (at the end of the Summer 2024 term).

If you attended UTA training in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021, your training will be out of date on August 1, 2023 (at the end of the Summer 2023 term).

If you attended UTA training in Fall 2019 or Spring 2020, your training is out of date as of July 27, 2022 (at the end of the Summer 2022 term).

If you attended UTA training prior to Fall 2019, your training is out of date. You will need to complete a Canvas module to update your training, but you do not need to attend the in-person training. Contact gtatraining@case.edu for access to this Canvas module.

Welcome and Context

Congratulations on being appointed as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA)! This position is an exciting opportunity for you to expand your skill set, while at the same time helping your peers succeed in their courses.

Training is required by the Office of the Provost for all undergraduate students who will be serving as UTAs. This requirement applies to UTAs who will have direct or indirect interaction with students (e.g., recitations leaders, lab instructors/assistants, and graders, among others). 

UTA Training is valid for a period of three years. If your training has expired or you are unsure if your prior training is still valid, contact utatraining@case.edu for additional information

Please note: if you are a dual-degree student who is enrolled in an undergraduate program of any kind, you are considered an Undergraduate TA and should follow the guidelines for UTA Training.

Please direct questions about UTA training to utatraining@case.edu.

The Fall 2023 UTA training has wrapped up for the current semester; please visit our site periodically to check for Spring 2023 updates and UTA training schedules.


UTA Training Process

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant training consists of the following THREE steps, all of which must be completed in order to satisfy the UTA training requirement:

STEP 1Register for UNIV 300 in the Student Information System (SIS) no later than the add/drop deadline for the semester in which you will begin your TA duties.

STEP 2Complete the UNIV 300 Professional Development for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants module on Canvas within two weeks of the start of the semester in which you will start your TA duties. Registered students will be able to search for it on Canvas on that date; if you have any problems, please contact utatraining@case.edu. This step must be completed prior to beginning STEP 3.

STEP 3: Register for and complete an in-person seminar in which the principles covered in the Canvas module will be unpacked in more detail through discussion and active learning exercises. Use this form to register for in-person seminar, to be held on Sunday, 10 September 2023 from 1:00pm to 3:30pm (Tinkham Veale Ballrooms). All UTAs must register in advance for the in-person training seminar. Registering for UNIV 300 or the Canvas module does not register you for the in-person training seminar.

The UTA training seminar will concentrate on two main areas:
  1. Inclusion Training. This will involve preparing students to create a welcoming environment for all students at CWRU. This includes working through scenarios or difficult moments that UTAs may face in the classroom.

  2. Assessment and Academic Integrity. We will familiarize UTAs with best practices in assessment of student work, as well as academic integrity practices and policy. This will include engaging with potential academic integrity scenarios and discussing how best to handle them. We will also provide some instruction regarding assignment planning and classroom management to UTAs who have those duties.

If you have questions about your UTA role(s), contact your department for clarification.

If you have additional questions, contact us: utatraining@case.edu.



Wednesday, 13 September 2023, 3:20pm - 4:35pm

LL06 B/C (at Kelvin Smith Library)


Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 2:30pm - 3:45pm

LL06 B/C (at Kelvin Smith Library)


Thursday, 21 September 2023, 10am - 11:15am

Room 215 (at Kelvin Smith Library)



Thursday, 21 September 2023, 4pm - 5:15pm

LL06 B/C (at Kelvin Smith Library)