Teaching Consultations and Observations

UCITE teaching consultations and observations support faculty through collaborative discussion of classroom practices and the application of research on learning to more effectively and efficiently engage with students. Our involvement is not intended to be judgemental, but rather developmental. We strive to help faculty analyze existing instructional practices to identify strengths and possible areas for alternative practice, all to improve student learning.

Our teaching observation service includes three confidential interactions. First, a UCITE staff member will arrange an initial consultation to discuss teaching and learning goals, along with any areas of interest or concern. Second, the staff member will visit and observe you teaching a class of your choosing. The final step in this process consists of a post-observation discussion of the observed class session. The UCITE consultant will follow-up with a confidential written summary that incorporates suggestions for alternative practice.

Who can request a UCITE teaching consultation/observation?

All full-time and part-time CWRU faculty members can request a teaching observation. This free, confidential service is part of UCITE’s mission to empower people to learn.

How will I benefit from a teaching consultation/observation?

The purpose of a teaching observation is to help you become a more intentionally effective teacher through a process of critical reflection. UCITE staff provide objective data about teaching and learning behaviors of faculty and students: the people in the room. We would work with you to consider the instructional choices you have made and how those choices impact your students’ learning. For instance, faculty may wish to reflect on the effectiveness of teaching and learning activities, how a new technique or idea is working, or how instruction and assessment align with stated course learning objectives.

When should I schedule a teaching consultation/observation?

You may request an observation at any point during a semester. We suggest contacting us early in the semester, to help ensure your most preferred choice of observation date/time, and to ensure availability of a staff member. We can also work with you to determine an optimal time during the semester for observation, given your goals for the process. 


I am ready to schedule a UCITE teaching consultation. What can I expect?

  1. Request a teaching consultation by completing an initial request form at least two weeks prior to the date you wish to be observed. A UCITE staff member will contact you to schedule an initial meeting.
  2. During our initial meeting, we will discuss your goals, learn about the context of your class, and consider any questions you may have about the observation process.
  3. On the day of the observation, your UCITE consultant will arrive a few minutes before class begins. They will sit in an unobtrusive location. You may want to share the consultant’s presence with your students, noting that the observation is focused on you and not for evaluating student performance. You may also choose to proceed without any change in your regular procedures.
  4. You will meet with your UCITE consultant within two weeks of the observation date for a follow-up discussion. We will provide you with written documentation of the observation for your personal use.
  5. After completing your observation and follow-up discussion, UCITE will ask you to complete a short questionnaire to help us understand how the interactions impacted your role as an instructor. We appreciate your valuable feedback to conclude the observation process. 


If you have questions about UCITE Teaching Consultations, contact us: ucite@case.edu