Assessment Learning Community2

UCITE announces a new educational development opportunity for CWRU faculty: the Assessment Learning Community program!

The UCITE Assessment Learning Community (ALC) will consist of an interdisciplinary group of CWRU faculty colleagues who seek to explore and expand their understanding of student assessment. Learning Community participants will gain a better understanding of relationships between student assessment in course settings and degree program outcomes. Faculty will also have opportunities to design and revise assessment tools for use in their own courses and discuss readings associated with assessment tools and techniques used in college classrooms. 

The Assessment Learning Community program is structured by weekly meetings over a period of seven weeks. In each session, faculty will consider innovative assessment practices that can be used to enhance student engagement and accurately measure student learning.

Assessment Learning Community program topics may include:

  • development and use of assessment tools appropriate for large and small class spaces;
  • alignment of course goals, assessment tools, and instructional strategies;
  • use of assessment to record student learning;
  • use of assessment to monitor student progress; and
  • exploration of relationships between assessment of student learning and assessment of program-level outcomes.

Meetings will take place on Wednesdays from 2:45 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Herrick Room of Allen Memorial Library Building (at the corner of Euclid and Adelbert). The ALC will begin meeting on Wednesday January 29th (3rd week) and end on March 18, 2020. The group will not meet on March 11, due to Spring Break.  Light refreshments will be provided at each session.   

Participation in the Assessment Learning Community program requires a commitment from faculty members to attend all 7 weekly seminars and actively engage with ALC readings, reflective journals, and program evaluations. Participants should allow approximately four hours per week for seminar-related reading and working activities. The ALC will not meet the week of spring break.

If you would like to apply to join the inaugural UCITE Assessment Learning Community, please check your calendars for the semester to ensure that you can participate in the 7-week seminar. We understand that professional and personal commitments may cause you to miss one of our sessions. We can work with you in these circumstances if appropriate advance notice is provided. Missing multiple sessions, however, will result in withdrawal from the program. If you have any questions as you consider applying to participate in the ALC, please email us at

Faculty who successfully complete the Assessment Learning Community program will receive a $1000 grant for academic purposes. Funding is available the semester following the program.


Application Procedures

We invite faculty, of all academic ranks (e.g. part-time Lecturer through Senior Faculty) to apply.  However, priority may be given to tenure-track faculty.  

To apply for the Assessment Learning Community program, please complete a contact form and provide a one- to two-page letter of interest.

  1. Complete the contact form located here.
  2. In the letter of interest, briefly explain why you are applying to participate in the learning community by addressing the following points:
  3. How will participation in the ALC help you to achieve your personal educational development goals as a faculty member?
  4. How might you share insights about assessment with your department colleagues?
  5. Share any prior experience(s) you may have had regarding educational development in the area of assessment.
  6. Share what classes you typically teach at CWRU, including approximate class enrollments, and briefly discuss assessment tools you use with your students.
  7. What do you hope to gain from participation in the Assessment Learning Community?

Your letter of interest should be submitted in pdf format to by January 17, 2020.