Learning Fellowships

The UCITE Learning Fellows program provides opportunities for any CWRU faculty to explore and expand their understanding of the art and science of teaching. Learning Fellowships are available to both tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty from all CWRU departments and learning units.

Since the beginning of the Learning Fellows program in 2003, interdisciplinary faculty cohorts have shared their experiences from a variety of learning environments. Fellows discuss teaching and learning practices, and they are encouraged to consider the application of research-based strategies and techniques to current and future courses.

Learning Fellows provides faculty members with a learning community of peer colleagues and common time for participants to explore the art and science of how people learn. The semester-long seminar program will meet once a week to engage in activities and to discuss readings that focus on innovative teaching practices. The overarching goal of the program is to improve student learning by empowering faculty to teach with innovative, evidence-based strategies.

The Learning Fellows program is a semester-long seminar structured by weekly meetings. In each session, faculty will consider innovative best practices that can be applied within classroom environments to enhance student engagement and learning. To date, UCITE has sponsored over 250 faculty participants in this program.

Learning Fellows Spring 2020 is open to new faculty, faculty members who have participated in the Learning Fellows 1.0 program prior to 2017, and also senior-level faculty members who are interested in learning more about the application of Science of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research literature. Fellowships are available to both tenure track and non tenure track faculty. 

Meetings take place on Wednesdays from 12:45 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Herrick Room of Allen Memorial Library Building (at the corner of Euclid and Adelbert), beginning January 15th and ending on April 22nd, 2020. Lunch is provided at each session. 

Learning Fellows will not meet on March 11th due to Spring Break. 

Participation in the Learning Fellows program requires a commitment from faculty members to attend all 14 weekly seminars and actively engage with course readings, reflective journals, and program evaluations. Fellows should allow approximately four hours per week for readings and journal reflections. Our seminar will not meet the week of spring break.

If you would like to apply for a Learning Fellowship, please check your calendars for the semester to ensure that you can participate in the 14-week seminar. We understand that professional and personal commitments may cause you to miss one of our sessions. We can work with you in these circumstances if appropriate advance notice is provided. Missing multiple sessions, however, may result in withdrawal from the program. If you have any questions as you consider applying for a fellowship, please contact the UCITE office at ucite@case.edu.

Faculty who successfully complete the Learning Fellows program receive a $2500.00 grant for academic purposes. Funding is available the fiscal year following the program.


Application Procedures

We invite faculty, of all academic ranks (e.g. part-time Lecturer through Senior Faculty) to apply.  However, priority may be given to tenure-track faculty.  

To apply for the Learning Fellows program, please provide a one-page cover letter and a one-page biographical sketch.

  1. In the one-page cover letter, explain your reasons for applying. You might discuss personal teaching experiences and potential goals for your participation in the program.
  2. The one-page biographical sketch should include your educational background, employment history, and a list of recently taught courses (with approximate enrollment).
  3. Please complete the contact form located here.

These documents should be submitted in pdf format to ucite@case.edu.


(* indicates that the faculty member has since retired or left the university.)

Department Name Semester
Art History Noelle Giuffrida Spring 2012
Art History Anne Helmreich Spring 2006
Art History Catherine Scallen Spring 2005
Biology Jim Bader Fall 2003
Biology Jean Burns

Spring 2015

Biology Jean Burns

Spring 2017

Biology Chris Cullis

Fall 2003

Biology Chris Cullis

Spring 2017

Biology Nancy DiIulio Spring 2007
Biology Rich Drushel Fall 2003
Biology Rich Drushel Fall, 2016
Biology Joe Koonce* Fall 2009
Biology Dianne Kube Spring 2016
Biology Barbara Kuemerle Fall 2009
Biology Barbara Kuemerle Spring 2017
Biology Jenny Liang* Spring 2007
Biology Chuck Rozek Spring 2003
Biology Norm Rushforth* Spring 2004
Biology Rui Sousa-Neves* Spring 2011
Biology Robin Snyder Spring 2009
Biology Mark Willis Spring 2008
Chemistry Ken Adair Spring 2016
Chemistry Mike Kenney Spring 2008
Chemistry Drew Meyer Spring 2015
Chemistry John Protasiewisz Spring 2013
Chemistry Rekha Srinivasan Spring 2009
Chemistry Michael Zagorski Spring 2015
Classics Andrea De Giorgi* Spring 2012
Classics Paul Iversen Fall 2005
Classics Timothy Wutrich Spring 2012
Classics Timothy Wutrich Fall 2016
Communication Sciences Barbara Hugenberg* Fall 2003
English Brian Ballentine* Spring 2004
English Tom Bishop* Spring 2005
English Kim Emmons Spring 2005
English Mary Grimm Spring 2016
English Megan Jewell Fall 2009
English Kris Kelly Spring 2013
English Kurt Koenigsberger Spring 2006
English Heather Meakin* Spring 2003
English Eve McPherson* Spring 2011
English Brad Ricca Spring 2008
English Bill Siebenschuh Spring 2004
English Rob Spadoni Spring 2005
English Gary Stonum Spring 2004
English Thrity Umrigar Spring 2006
English Martha Woodmansee Fall 2005
Geology Beverly Saylor Fall 2005
Geology Jim van Orman Spring 2007
History Jia-Chen "Wendy" Fu Spring 2012
History Jonathan Sadowsky Fall 2004
History Renee Sentilles Fall 2005
History Peter Shulman Fall 2009
History Gillian Weiss Fall 2003
Mathematics Chris Butler Fall 2009
Mathematics Michiel Hochstenbach* Fall 2004
Mathematics Joel Langer Spring 2011
Mathematics Marshall Leitman Spring 2009
Mathematics Silvia Saccon Spring 2016
Mathematics Silvia Saccon Spring 2017
Mathematics Longhua Zhao Spring 2014
Modern Languages and Literatures Antonio Candau* Fall 2005
Modern Languages and Literatures Christine Cano Spring 2007
Modern Languages and Literatures Denise Caterinacci Spring 2010
Modern Languages and Literatures Denise Caterinacci Fall 2016
Modern Languages and Literatures Margaretmary Daley Spring 2007
Modern Languages and Literatures Gilbert Doho Spring 2006
Modern Languages and Literatures Mauricio Duarte Spring 2011
Modern Languages and Literatures Linda Ehrlich Spring 2005
Modern Languages and Literatures Marie Lathers Spring 2005
Modern Languages and Literatures Jacqueline Nanfito Spring 2008
Modern Languages and Literatures Damaris Punales-Alpizar Spring 2012
Modern Languages and Literatures Cheryl Toman Spring 2008
Modern Languages and Literatures Cheryl Toman Fall 2016
Modern Languages and Literatures Susanne Vees-Gulani Spring 2008
Modern Languages and Literatures Peter Yang Fall 2004
Modern Languages and Literatures Peter Yang Spring 2017
Modern Languages and Literatures Tatiana Zilotina Fall 2016
Modern Languages and Literatures Tatiana Zilotina Spring 2007
Music Bill Bauer* Fall 2003
Music Eric Charnofsky Spring 2011
Music Georgia Cowart Spring 2015
Music Rob Dunn* Spring 2004
Music Matthew Garrett Spring 2013
Music Daniel Goldmark Fall 2009
Music Daniel Goldmark Fall 2016
Music Kathleen Horvath Fall 2005
Music David Rothenberg Spring 2014
Philosophy Chris Haufe Spring 2012
Philosophy Laura Hengehold Fall 2004
Philosophy Jeremy Bendik-Keymer Spring 2015
Physics Bob Brown Fall 2004
Physics Corbin Covault Fall 2004
Physics Corbin Covault Fall 2016
Physics Claudia de Rahm Spring 2012
Physics Diana Driscoll Spring 2010
Physics Kathy Kash Spring 2005
Physics Mike Martens Spring 2012
Physics Harsh Mathur Spring 2014
Physics Rolfe Petschek Spring 2010
Physics Rolfe Petschek Fall 2016
Physics Glenn Starkman Spring 2005
Physics Cyrus Taylor Spring 2005
Physics Phil Taylor Spring 2009
Political Science Justin Buchler Spring 2007
Political Science Emery Lee* Spring 2003
Political Science Pete Moore Spring 2006
Political Science Paul Schroeder Spring 2016
Political Science Joe White Fall 2005
Psychological Sciences Jennifer Butler Spring 2010
Psychological Sciences Heath Demaree Spring 2006
Psychological Sciences T. J. McCallum Fall 2004
Psychological Sciences Jim Overholser Fall 2004
Psychological Sciences Betsy Short Fall 2003
Psychological Sciences Jennell Vick Spring 2011
Religion Alice Bach* Fall 2004
Religion Joy Bostic Fall 2009
Religion Bill Deal Spring 2003
Religion Deepak Sarma Fall 2005
SAGES Barbara Burgess-Van Aken Spring 2014
Sociology Brian Gran Spring 2009
Sociology Brian Gran Fall 2016
Sociology Susan Hinze Spring 2008
Sociology Cassi Pittman Spring 2015
Theater Beth McGee Spring 2009
Theater John Orlock Spring 2005
Department Name Semester
Biological Sciences Pushpa Pandiyan Spring 2016
Biological Sciences Fengchun Ye Spring 2016
Community Dentistry Kristin Victoroff Fall 2005
Comprehensive Care Bob Hirsch* Spring 2004
Comprehensive Care Stanley Hirsch Fall 2005
Comprehensive Care Ron Occhionero Fall 2005
Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences Ali Syed Spring 2015
Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Wisam Al-Rawi* Spring 2010
Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Sarah Fitzpatrick* Spring 2013
Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Marsha Pyle* Spring 2005
Oral Diagnosis and Radiology Ali Syed Spring 2017
Orthodontics Juan Martin Palomo Spring 2006
Periodontics Judith Ablaza* Spring 2004
Periodontics Leena Palomo Spring 2008
Periodontics Andre Pais Spring 2015
Restorative Dentistry Jack Love Spring 2004
Department Name Semester
Biomedical Engineering Cheri Deng* Fall 2005
Biomedical Engineering Agata Exner Fall 2005
Biomedical Engineering Miklos Gratzl Spring 2009
Biomedical Engineering Dmitri Kourennyi* Spring 2003
Biomedical Engineering Erin Lavik Spring 2010
Biomedical Engineering Marty Pagel* Spring 2004
Biomedical Engineering Andrew Rollins Spring 2003
Biomedical Engineering Nicole Seiberlich Spring 2012
Biomedical Engineering Dawn Taylor Spring 2006
Biomedical Engineering Dustin Tyler Fall 2009
Biomedical Engineering Horst von Recum Spring 2007
Biomedical Engineering Horst von Recum Fall 2016
Chemical Engineering Hari Baskaran Spring 2006
Chemical Engineering Dan Lacks Spring 2004
Chemical Engineering Mohan Sankaran Spring 2011
Civil Engineering Roberto Ballarini* Fall 2005
Civil Engineering YeongAe Heo Spring 2015
Civil Engineering Vassilis Panoskaltsis* Spring 2004
Civil Engineering Kurt Rhoads Spring 2004
Civil Engineering Banu Sizirici Yildiz* Spring 2014
Civil Engineering David Zeng Fall 2004
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Evren Gurkan Cavusoglu Spring 2015
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Harold Connamacher Spring 2016
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Mehmet Koyoturk Spring 2008
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Greg Lee Spring 2011
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Jing Li Spring 2005
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Wei Lin Spring 2003
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Sree Sreenath Fall 2003
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Sree Sreenath Spring 2017
Macromolecular Science John Blackwell Fall 2004
Materials Science James McGuffin-Cawley Fall 2005
Department Name Semester
Law Funmi Arewa* Spring 2005
Law Chip Carter* Spring 2003
Law Tim Casey* Spring 2005
Law Jonathan Gordon Fall 2004
Law Jonathan Gordon Fall 2016
Law Jessie Hill Fall 2004
Law Sharona Hoffman Spring 2004
Law Jacqui Lipton* Spring 2004
Law Kevin McMunigal Spring 2003
Law Laura McNally Spring 2009
Law Katie Mercer Spring 2010
Law Dale Nance Spring 2004
Law Andra Robertson Spring 2008
Law Calvin Sharpe Fall 2005
Law Carol Turowski* Spring 2003
Department Name Semester
Anatomy William Bligh-Glover* Spring 2007
Anatomy John Fredieu Spring 2006
Anatomy Hue-Lee Kaung Spring 2003
Critical Care-VA Dale Feng Fall 2003
Bioethics Nicole Deming Spring 2013
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Natalie Colabianchi* Fall 2004
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Susan Flocke Fall 2005
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Abdus Sattar Spring 2013
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Daniel Tisch Spring 2009
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Daniel Tisch Spring 2017
Family Medicine Gunnar Karakurt Spring 2014
Genetics Hua Lou Spring 2010
Genetics Audrey Lynn Spring 2015
Genetics Anne Matthews Spring 2013
Radiology Mark Griswold Spring 2010
Medicine Michael Harris Fall 2005
Medicine Robert Petersen Spring 2013
Molecular Biology James Bruzik* Spring 2009
Molecular Biology David McDonald Spring 2014
Neurosciences Peter Whitehouse Fall 2003
Nutrition Lynn Kam Spring 2014
Nutrition Lynn Kam Spring 2017
Nutrition Steve Previs Spring 2003
Pathology Mark Smith* Fall 2004
Pathology Nick Ziats Fall 2003
Pediatrics Cynthia Bearer* Fall 2004
Pediatrics Karen Lidsky Spring 2004
Pharmacology Anthony Berdis Spring 2003
Pharmacology Ruth Siegel Spring 2014
Pharmacology Amy Wilson-Delfosse Spring 2003
Pharmacology Amy Wilson-Delfosse Fall 2016
Physiology and Biophysics Matt Buck Spring 2006
Radiology Mark Griswold Spring 2010
RNA Center Kristian Baker Spring 2014
Department Name Semester
Mandel School Sarah Andrews Fall 2003
Mandel School David Biegel Spring 2005
Mandel School Rob Fischer Fall 2009
Mandel School Megan Holmes Spring 2013
Mandel School Debby Jacobson Spring 2007
Mandel School Jung-won Lim Spring 2012
Mandel School Sonia Minnes Spring 2010
Mandel School Meeyoung Min Spring 2014
Mandel School Betsy Tracy Fall 2003
Mandel School Kathleen Wells* Fall 2004
Mandel School Amy Wilson Spring 2011
Mandel School Zoe Breen Wood Fall 2003
Department Name Semester
Nursing Irena Bakunas-Kenneley Spring 2009
Nursing Elizabeth Click Spring 2005
Nursing Lisa Damato Spring 2003
Nursing Lisa Damato Fall 2016
Nursing Peg Heinzer* Fall 2004
Nursing Christine Hudak Spring 2004
Nursing Jill Kilanowski Spring 2007
Nursing Cheryl Killion Spring 2010
Nursing Linda Lewin Spring 2008
Nursing Judy Maloni* Spring 2003
Nursing Kathy Meyer Spring 2007
Nursing Barb Morrison* Spring 2005
Nursing Georgia Narsavage* Fall 2003
Nursing Mary Quinn Griffin Fall 2004
Nursing Beverly Roberts* Spring 2003
Nursing Jacquelyn Russek* Spring 2007
Nursing Carol Savrin Fall 2003
Nursing Theresa Standing* Spring 2004
Nursing Camille Warner Spring 2012
Nursing Margaret Wheatley* Spring 2010
Nursing Chris Winkelman Spring 2005
Nursing Jacqueline Zausniewski Fall 2003
Nursing Amy Zhang Fall 2004
Department Name Semester
SAGES William Doll Spring 2016
SAGES William Doll Spring 2017
SAGES Annie Pecastaing Spring 2016
Department Name Semester
Accountancy Tim Fogarty Spring 2009
Accountancy Julia Grant Fall 2005
Accountancy Tony Holder Fall 2009
Accountancy Paul Polinski* Spring 2005
Economics Robin Dubin Spring 2004
Information Systems Michel Avital* Fall 2005
Information Systems Woo Young Chung* Spring 2003
Information Systems Julie Rennecker* Fall 2003
Marketing Melissa Cardon* Spring 2003
Marketing Tripat Gill* Spring 2004
Marketing Bill Schulze* Spring 2005
Organizational Behavior Susan Case Spring 2003
Organizational Behavior Sandy Piderit* Spring 2004
Organizational Behavior Melvin Smith Fall 2003