Payroll Procedures

Effective Date: 01/01/2008
Related Policy: Work Week and Pay Systems
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To ensure timely and accurate payroll processing and documentation required for the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Detailed Procedures

  1. The Case Western Reserve University payroll system is an "exception-based" payroll system.  That means that a paycheck will automatically be prepared for full-time and part-time faculty, staff employees, and student employees except when the Compensation Office of the Human Resources Department or other designated representative authorizes payroll to make a specific change. Therefore supervisors are responsible for timely notification of change in compensation, termination, and exceptions such as overtime pay and supplemental pay that impacts payroll processing.  See steps 3 and 4 authorizing exceptions to the payroll processing.
  2. Temporary Faculty are included in the exception based pay system. The appointment letter for the temporary assignment will be used to generate the rate of pay per pay period until a termination form is processed to discontinue pay.
  3. In order to process an exception to pay, the supervisor must issue a payment request through the Human Capital Management System (HCM) either to indicate additional pay or reduced pay.  For exempt staff, the supervisor must submit a memorandum stating the extenuating circumstances that may warrant additional pay per the Overtime Policy or supplemental income for additional or different duties along with a payment request. The memorandum must be submitted to the Compensation Office for review and approval. For faculty, payment requests for overload or additional pay must be approved by the home school's dean.
  4. The payment request must be initiated for each pay period during which the exception is applicable. Supervisors are responsible for following the announced deadline dates for payroll processing. Exceptions and deductions will be processed in the pay check following the period in which the exception or deduction applies unless the payment request is submitted early enough to be included in the current pay period processing.