Network ID Access and Direct Deposit

Network ID

Please allow 24-48 hours from your start date for your new hire paperwork to be entered and for you to gain access to our internal system, Human Capital Management (HCM).  

Once the above has occurred, please follow the steps below to activate your network ID and set up direct deposit.

  1. Activate your Network ID by visiting and clicking “activation wizard.” Your Employee ID number is the PIN.
  2. Enroll in two-factor Authentication with Duo Security by visiting

Please Note: If your new hire paperwork is not completed before or on your start date or you do not have a Social Security Number at the time of hire, your access will be delayed, as an Employee ID# can not be created.

How To Set Up Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit by logging in to and following navigation path: Payroll Tile > Direct Deposit.  Helpful instructions are available.

Employees without Social Security Numbers cannot enroll in HCM or direct deposit until after that information has been provided.  They need to provide their social security number or confirmation letter stating that they applied for a number to HR Records, Crawford 220.