CWRU named among Best LGBT Friendly College & Universities

The article presents the following narrative about CWRU: 

"Located just 5 miles away from busy downtown Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve University offers its student body many popular attractions and options for entertainment. The campus is situated in bustling University Circle, an area known for its shopping, restaurants, and live performance venues: West Side Market, Playhouse Square and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to name a few. With 10,000 students enrolled in courses at CWRU, the student to instructor ratio is a comfortable 11 to 1. Established in 1826, Case Western Reserve receives their accreditation through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Lesbian/Gay Student Union was first formed in 1987 and just over twenty years later the school opened the LGBT Center in 2010. The LGBT Center has been the recipient of several prestigious awards during its history including the 2014 Transgender Day of Remembrance Illumination Award for the most supportive organization in recognition of the university’s “inclusive healthcare policies for transgender individuals.” The Human Rights Campaign awarded the school with the Equality Award in 2009. Resources of the LGBT Center include campus and conversation groups and resources for health, education, and allies. The school also has a designated LGBTQA Committee made up of staff, students and former students that work to address the growing needs of the LGBT community at Case Western Reserve."