Here are some common questions and facts about the LGBTQ+ population on CWRU's campus as well as resources!

Yes! The LGBT Center welcomes anyone and our space has community standards that we all follow to keep it a safe and positive environment. 

According to the CWRUSES 2021 data survey, about 30% of the campus population (undergrad and grad) is LGBTQ+. About 3% of the population is Trans or non binary or both.  

Keep in mind that the statistics are based off the individuals who felt ok with voluntarily self identifying, which means, these percentages are probably greater! 

In general no, if you disclose something related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and/or stalking, our staff must report the incident to the office of Equity. We will keep all other information you share with us private.

Here are some LGBTQ+ Friendly Confidential Resources with links attached:

Flora Stone Mather Center Advocate

University Health & Counseling Services

Community Concerns Reporting System

The Center has reproductive health kits! This includes pregnancy tests, plan B, and condoms. The Center also stocks latex free condoms, oral dams, and water based lube!

Free condoms can be ordered here! Also, to get a free at home HIV test, click here.


There are two kinds of opportunities in the LGBT Center. One is a Student Coordinator position and the other is a Graduate Assistant. For more information on these positions, check out the job postings that go up in the spring and talk to any of the Student Coordinators/Pro staff when you stop by the Center!

Click here! This map will show you the closest all-gender bathroom to your location!

1. Change name in SIS -This lists the steps to change your name in SIS for students. Also, it is important to note that name changes/pronoun changes in this system are not visible to parents.

2. Change  CaseID -This explains how to obtain a new CaseID with the correct name. The LGBT Center will cover the cost associated with getting a new CaseID, just email

3. Legally change name - This explains the process for how to legally change your name. 

You can do the following: 

1. File a report with the Community Concerns Reporting System. 

2. Share concerns with the Office of Equity. This office does have confidential resources! This website explains a wide variety of policies, accommodations, etc. When navigating the website, you will see the "Contact" page for directly emailing staff, as well as other reporting systems on other pages. 

3. You may also tell a professor, your RA, someone in the LGBT Center, or another trusted staff member on campus.

You can decide what option is best for you!


This is something that is deeply personal to each individual and it is ok to not know things about yourself right away. It is also ok if you have multiple identities and it is ok to have identities that change throughout your life as you continue to grow. What is important to remember is, never let anyone tell you who you are. You know yourself best. If people close to you don't love you as your whole self, they don't deserve to take up space in your life. 

The HRC website has a few terms and definitions to get you started. We suggest you read more and research on your own. Take time to get to know who you are! Also, if labels aren't your thing, that's ok too! Please remember, it is ok to be your true authentic self.