QTPOC/QPOC Resources

The LGBT Center is a space that serves all members of the CWRU community, and remains dedicated to offering/creating support for individuals of various intersecting identities. On this page there are resources for the LGBTQ+ people of color.

This page is not meant to be an exhaustive list of resources, but hopefully offers some helpful ones. If there is a resource not listed, please contact the LGBT Center and we can add it! Also, this page is not in any way excluding any race/ethnicity, nor favoring one over the other. It is not here to create a divide, but is creating space for various marginalized groups. Over time and with research, this page will grow and the resources are grouped together for easier navigation. 

Below, there is also educational information and statistics regarding the intersections of racism, homophobia and transphobia along with LGBTQ+ POC specific mental health resources. 

General Resources: 

National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

This lists a variety of helpful hotlines that support LGBTQ+  POC. 

HRC: Mental Health Resources and U.S. Statistics

This article provides statistics and a vast amount of mental health resources and crisis hotlines for queer people of color. 

LGBTQ+ POC in Rural America Information

The site has multiple articles discussing LGBTQ+ POC individuals that live in rural parts of America and how their experienced is shaped by that and other factors. 

The Brown Boi Project

This is a community for POC that are of masculine center, trans, two spirit, men and allies. It focuses on changing the nature of conversations about gender, that happen in communities of color.