Prism Award

The Prism Award is given annually to an office, department, person or entity at Case Western Reserve University in recognition of their significant contribution to the campus LGBTQ+ community. The award honors work accomplished during the current academic year, or significant contributions over a period of time that have impacted LGBTQ+ life on CWRU’s campus.

Past Prism Award winners include:

Year Name Office
2023 Lou Stark The Division of Student Affairs
2020 OSTEM/Beck Schubert  
2019 Lynn Singer School of Medicine
2018   SAVE
2017 Jamie Cook Greek Life
2017 Lisa Nielson Center for Women
2016 Matthew Garrett Department of Music
2016 Jonathan Wehner Undergraduate Admissions
2016 Joshua Terchek Institutional Research 
2015   Alumni Association
2015   Staff Advisory Council Fringe Benefits Committee
2015   Domestic Partner Benefits Subcommittee
2015   Faculty Senate Fringe Benefits Committee
2014   Office of the University Registrar 
2013   Career Center