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Preferred Name, Personal Pronouns, and Gender Identity in the Student Information System (SIS) Update

In alignment with the university’s goals and values as an inclusive institution, the newest update to SIS includes fields for students to indicate personal pronouns, prefixes, and gender identity. Identifiers such as name, gender, and personal pronouns are core factors to many students’ sense of self. Instructors, advisors, and administrators will see these values on class rosters, advising rosters, and some administrative pages. Authorized users can not open the "Profile" section of SIS and will not see Preferred Name or Biographic information.

How to Add Preferred Name in SIS

Students may add a preferred name by navigating to the "Profile" section of SIS, then to 'Personal' and click the [+] to add a name or click on Preferred Name to edit.  

How to Add Personal Pronouns in SIS 

Students may enter their personal pronouns in SIS by navigating to the "Profile" section of SIS, then to "Biographic Information", and selecting a Personal Pronoun set from the drop down list. The options for pronouns are "they, them, theirs", "she, her, hers", "xe, xem, xyrs", and "he, him, his". Personal pronouns may be updated as many times as a student needs in SIS. If you update personal pronouns in the middle of the term, consider sending an email or speaking to professors in person to share this information. 

How to Use Personal Pronouns

For more information about personal pronouns and how to use them, check out My Pronouns Matter website or practice on Minus18's pronoun application

CWRU Preferred Name, Personal Pronouns, and Gender Identity Promotion Video