Parent Resources

Below, you will find helpful resources about programs, services, and other opportunities in Cleveland regarding the LGBTQ+ community! 


Queer Youth Initiative 

This program is through the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland and provides a safe space for youth that are ages 11-20. This gives LGBTQ+ youth the opportunity to make connections and socialize with other people in the community. There is a button on the page to register for it! Also, there are other programs on this page too!

Community Groups 

This page list a variety of LGBTQ+ groups that offered through the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland. Each group addresses different identities and need in the community and provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to come together. Each space has their own days and times they meet!


Trans+ is a group that specifically focuses on the needs of transgender and non-binary individuals. This group allows individuals to come together and share experiences, as well as offering resources for taking care of physical and mental health! 

Cleveland Clinic: LGBTQ+ Youth

Cleveland Clinic is committed to providing healthcare for all individuals and the includes the LGBTQ+ community. They also have information regarding LGBTQ+ youth on this page, so check it out!


Looking for LGBTQ+ affirming mental health care in Cleveland? Check out this place! There is an in person and virtual appointment option. All of the insurances accepted are listed on the front page and all of the counselors have their profiles on this site so you can see who is a good fit for you! 

Margie's Closet

Wondering where to find an LGBTQ+ affirming clothing store in Cleveland? Check this place out, that is currently located on the west side of Cleveland! This place has trans specific/ gender affirming garments alongside the rest of the clothes in the store. The address and hours are listed on the site! 

Pediatric Meltdown

This is a podcast for parents about to best help their teens and children when it comes to emotional, mental and behavioral health. Check it out! 

Online Clothing Stores 

Ruby Shines
The Pluid Project