Faith Cheltenham, BiNetUSA

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Bisexual Community Issues Presentation (Bi+ 101)

9-10AM | Sears 356

This "Bi+101" presentation was developed in partnership with the LA LGBT Center to train their staff of 450 employees in bisexual cultural competency. The presentation covers the basics of the bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer (bi+) community, it's history, biggest public policy challenges and recommendations for all attendees to take home on how to make their school, workplace or organization inclusive to bisexual communities. Portions of this presentation have also been used to train staff and officials of University of California, GLAAD, The Human Rights Campaign, The Trevor Project, The National LGBTQ Task Force and The White House. 

Intersection Electric: An Interactive Tour Of Black and Bisexual Histories/Culture (with games!) 

12:30-1:30PM | FSM Center for Women, TVUC 248

This wide-ranging workshop will feature interactive games alongside the profound realities of non-binary lives. We'll discuss black bi famous folks like Audre and June, Huey Newton and the GLF, and find out what a black bi person called themselves 500 years ago. We'll cover top bi community issues, why the word pansexual is really important, and what % of black folks identity as bi (and why). No matter your racial or cultural background, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, you'll leave this workshop empowered by the electricity of your own intersection!

People of Color Gathering 

5:00-6:30PM | LGBT Center, TVUC 179

All self-identified people of color are invited to a special gathering with Faith Cheltenham during her visit to Case Western Reserve. Join us to hear more about what it's like to be a Black bisexual community organizer who's been to the White House to do work a dozen times. We'll get a chance to share tools and tips for self-care in a world that doesn't always provide life sustaining opportunities for people of color to connect and share space with each other. Refreshments provided.