Community Concerns Reporting System (CCRS)

Students can report instances of bias online using the CWRU Community Concerns Reporting System or by making an appointment at the office of Student Affairs 216.368.2020 or

Case Western Reserve University embraces diversity and inclusion through civility, free exchange of ideas, and appreciation for the distinct perspectives and talents of each individual. As such, the University strives to provide services and resources to students, faculty, and staff to foster an environment where all community members are respected, valued, and free to equally take part in academic, co-curricular, and social activities.

The goal of creating a Community Concerns Reporting System (CCRS) at Case Western Reserve is to promote an inclusive community by supporting students through a clear and streamlined process for reporting incidents of perceived hate, bias, and/or discrimination. CCRS acts as resource to students and the CWRU community by illustrating the current campus climate.