The Siegal Lifelong Learning Program connects the academic world and Northeast Ohio's wider community. Through innovative and engaging programming, adults of all ages can pursue their love of learning. Classes, workshops, and lectures provide opportunities for participants to interact with internationally renowned scholars who share their cutting-edge research, and to engage in lively conversation about current topics of interest. For those who have never taken a class or attended a lecture - please join us. For those who have studied with Siegal Lifelong Learning before - welcome back!  


To provide high-quality non-credit adult education opportunities for residents of Northeast Ohio and beyond.


To set a national standard for the highest quality university-based continuing education program, enriching individuals’ lives and enhancing community life.


Education is a Lifelong Pursuit
We understand learning as an activity that engages and enriches individuals over the course of their lives.

Superior Instruction and Experience
Learning with experts and with peers nourishes individual lives and deepens the educational interaction.

We partner with organizations and institutions regionally, nationally, and internationally that share our values and commitment to excellence.

Scholarly Engagement
We work to bridge the gap between the walls of the university and the public, by facilitating faculty engagement with the broader community.

Civic Wellbeing
We believe that community education and adult education enhance economic and civic wellbeing.

Diversity of Choice
We strive to reach a wide sector of lifelong learners, whose interests and learning styles are broad and varied.

We endeavor to make Lifelong Learning opportunities accessible to as broad a constituency as possible in Northeast Ohio and beyond.