Horticulture, Nature & Health

Mary Holmes
Tuesdays, March 10-April 28 |10 a.m. - noon

This course investigates the most common controversies around food and the Western diet today. Case Studies illuminate the issues and help participants develop informed decisions.

Timothy O. Matson
Fridays, May 1-June 5|6:30-9 a.m.

Explore the bluebird trail, watch busy bobolinks and other migrating birds and be rewarded with an appreciation of an important part of the natural world. In May and June, migrants arrive and some continue their journeys northward.

Jay Abercrombie
Wednesdays, June 3–17 |10 a.m. - noon

This field study looks at the plants, wildlife, and geology of Squire Valleevue Farm. No strenuous hiking will be involved, but participants should be able to maintain an active pace over generally moderate but occasionally hilly or wet terrain.