Portrait of Alanna Cooper

Study with our director

Cultural anthropologist Alanna Cooper serves as director of CWRU’s Jewish Lifelong Learning Program, and Adjunct Assistant professor in the department of anthropology. This spring, she will be giving two lectures and teaching a class at Siegal Lifelong Learning.

Register today for her upcoming lectures, taking place February 21 and April 23, and sign up for her class, starting March 7! See below for more details.

Zak owns an education and business consulting company and teaches as an adjunct professor. Zak has traveled extensively within the United States and Europe linking with respective global communities on fine arts activities as well as business systems implementations. She was honored in Ohio Magazine for Excellence in Education in 2007 and 2010.

Ezra grew up in Silver Spring, MD. He received his BA and MA from Yeshiva University and then continued his studies in the Ph.D. program in History of Judaism at the University of Chicago. He studies medieval Jewish history, with an emphasis on the culture and literature of Jewish communities in Islamic lands. His dissertation (still in progress) focuses on The Book of Commandments, a legal work written by Maimonides in Judeo-Arabic. He currently lives in Beachwood with his wife, Adina, and daughter, Ora.