1960 Case Alumnus Enjoys Remote Literature Courses in Florida

Al Weber Headshot

Al Weber, a 1960 graduate of Case Institute of Technology,* retired to South Florida 15 years ago. While browsing the CWRU website, Al was pleased to discover that Siegal Lifelong Learning is now offering classes online. In October of 2020, he registered for his first course with Siegal. “I’ve had a lifelong interest in all things Shakespeare,” reported Al, who took two Shakespeare courses with Siegal and a couple of other literature courses thus far. 

“The Siegal experience has been excellent.” Al noted, “the Zoom link works well. The teachers are competent both in subject matter and in remote teaching methods. It has been easy to understand and relate to the teacher and the class participants.”

While many of us are looking forward to a return to in-person learning this fall, Siegal will continue to offer some portion of its programming online. Not only will this be a convenience for those who prefer to learn from home, but this is a way for Siegal to continue to serve its new population of learners from outside the Cleveland area. 

Al Weber concluded by saying, “If the pandemic pushed Siegal online, I am appreciative.”

*Case Institute of Technology merged with Western Reserve University in 1967 to form Case Western Reserve University. 


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