Course Auditing at CWRU

Robin Wick headshot

When Robin Wick retired from her career working for a pharmaceutical company, she was looking for “something to enrich my life beyond my wonderful family and friends.” As someone who always enjoyed Art History, Robin found that she could participate in college level Art History courses through Case Western Reserve University’s Course Audit Program for Senior Citizens (CAPSC). With varied interests that go well beyond Art History, Robin plans to take part in other courses as well, “what I like about CAPSC is that it offers a variety of different subjects, many of which I am just now starting to investigate.”

In addition to enjoying the subject matter, Robin “loves learning alongside the undergraduates as well as graduate students.”  These students, some of whom have become lifelong friends, have helped Wick with some of the recent technology utilized in today’s classroom including programs such as Powerpoint, Keynote, Preszi, and Zoom. Robin enjoys being back in the classroom and is always thinking about what she wants to take next. Robin concluded, “all the professors at CWRU are extraordinary.  They each have different styles and demeanors, and I've enjoyed all of them.”