Lifelong Learner Adapts to Technology

Loretta Magden

Loretta Magden didn’t own a computer, a tablet, or even a smartphone before March 2020. But once COVID-19 traveled the globe, Loretta knew it was time to embrace technology. With her brand-new iPad, Loretta would now be able to have virtual visits with her children and grandchildren, while also continuing the array of courses and lectures she’s been enjoying for many years through Siegal Lifelong Learning. 

Loretta shared, “it has been terrifying to live through the pandemic, especially as someone who is widowed and living alone.” But in a cheerful voice, Loretta said that it has been a wonderful opportunity to take classes at home and even see people she knows who are enrolled in the same courses. 

Loretta has gained new skills on her iPad, “Zoom is easy for me and Siegal sends out helpful reminders and follow-ups as well.” Loretta appreciates that Siegal has been able to bring in instructors from other cities and countries that she might not otherwise have an opportunity to hear. 

While Loretta is looking forward to being in a classroom in the future, don’t be surprised if you continue to see this technology convert in remote classes as well. 

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