Edelstein and Mendelson

Jane Edelstein remembers enjoying Alfred Hitchcock’s films Psycho and The Birds, so when Siegal Lifelong Learning’s newsletter arrived announcing a course on Hitchcock’s older films, she was interested in registering. Edelstein noted, “this looked like a good opportunity to explore a different part of Hitchcock's career--before he became influenced by America and Hollywood.” 

Edelstein, who lives in Florida, reached out to her sister, Laura Mendelson, who lives in Cincinnati, to invite her to sign up for the Vintage Hitchcock course as well. When Mendelson read the course description, she agreed, and reminded her sister that they had watched The Birds together as children and “both were terrified by the film.”

The sisters, unable to visit each other during the pandemic, thought it would be nice to have a shared experience during this unusual time. Edelstein and Mendelson made a plan to have dinner together online and then continue right into the class each week. “Since we live in different cities, it provides a perfect opportunity to catch up on one another's lives as well as discuss the class.”  Edelstein and Mendelson have not only enjoyed the class, but are especially grateful to be doing this together. 

“Although we haven't discussed other specific classes, I know that we'd both be interested in doing so again,” Edelstein concluded. 


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