Video Archive 2019 and earlier

12/20/19 | Eastside Conversations: Cleveland Paves a Path to Building A Health Neighborhood

11/15/19 | Eastside Conversations: The Origins of Music at Notre Dame of Paris

10/29/19 | On Literature and Censorship: The Political Scandal of Rabinyan's "All the Rivers"

10/18/19 | Why Torah?

9/17/19 | Germany 1932: America 2020: Jews and Democracy in Crisis

9/17/19 | Women's Health In Ohio

9/12/19 | The 2020 Census: What Does It Mean for Ohio and Greater Cleveland

8/22/19 | Fall Kick Off Lecture: Joni Mitchell: Reckless Daughter

8/16/19 | Eastside Conversations: Israel in Current Jewish American Fiction

7/19/19 | Eastside Conversations: Classical Music: How to Engage New Audiences

6/21/19 | Eastside Conversations: Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons and the Changing Law of Humanitarian Intervention

12/6/18 | Addiction and Opioid Crisis Series, "Addiction and Suicide: Correlations and How a Community Responds"

10/9/18 | Roger Cohen, "Crisis Without Catastrophe: The Mysteries of Trumpworld"

6/3/18 | Alan Levenson, "The Great Hatred: A History of Struggling to Understand Anti-Semitism" | Link available upon request -- please email

4/9/18 | David Grossman, "An Evening with David Grossman: A Horse Walks Into a Bar"

12/7/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "Sober-Living-Homes Make A Difference"

12/4/17 | POW! Power of Women, "Understanding the Opioid Epidemic"

11/16/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "Suburban Challenges: Mayors' Call to Action"

11/13/17 | Oren Gutfeld, "Dead Sea Caves: New Archaeological Discoveries"

10/23/17 | Jonathan Schneer, "The Making of the Balfour Declaration"

10/19/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "What Goes Into Training First Responders? Why Should We Care

10/18/17 | Alex Jassen, "What Are The Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Are They Important?"

10/8/17 | Ori Soltes, "God and the Goalposts: A Brief History of Religion, Sports, Politics, War, and Art"

9/14/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "A County's Perspective: How Did We Get Here and What's Being Done?"

9/7/17 | Samuel Freedman, "Have a Little Faith"

9/7/17 | Samuel Freedman, "Jew vs. Jew Revisited"

8/29/17 | Public Policy Forum, "The Election for Mayor: A discussion about the future of Cleveland"

7/11/17 | Robert Watson, "Hamilton: Man, Myth, Musical"

6/26/17 | Nehemia Polen, "Lifting the Broken Hearts: Elie Wiesel's Passionate Engagement with Biblical, Rabbinic and Hasidic Masters"

6/19/17 | David Schlitt, "Mameloshn in the Archives: Reading Elie Wiesel's Yiddish Correspondence"

6/12/17 | Menachem Z. Rosensaft, "The Moral Imperative of Remembrance: The Enduring Legacy of Elie Wiesel"

5/24/17 | Benny Morris, "Looking Back at the Six Day War: Victory and Loss"

5/22/17 | Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations‌ - Featured Guest of the Month: Hallie Bram Kogelschatz

5/9/17 | Ayelet Tsabari, "Language, Longing, and Belonging: An Evening with Israeli Author Ayelet Tsabari"

4/24/17 | Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, "Rising from the Rubble: Creating a Museum of the History of Polish Jews"

3/27/17 | Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations‌ - Featured Guest of the Month: Kyla Schneider

3/22/17 | Michael Berkowitz, "Jews, Photography, and Moviemaking during World War II"

3/21/17 | Public Policy Forum, "The Impact of State Budget Cuts on Northeast Ohio Communities"

3/15/17 | Brian Amkraut, "To Be Greek or Not to Be Greek? Ancient Judaism Confronts Hellenism"

2/27/17 | Tribe Talk: New Jewish Conversations‌ - Featured Guest of the Month: Rabbi Megan Doherty

2/6/17 | Ben Schachter, "Can Jewish Art Be Contemporary?

1/31/17 | Public Policy Forum, "The Proposed Merger of Cleveland and East Cleveland. How could this happen? Should it?"

11/17/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Sports Stadium Financing in Cleveland"

11/15/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Relationship Between Cleveland Police and the Community

10/13/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Marijuana Legalization in Ohio"

9/15/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Water Quality of Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River"

8/25/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Redistricting and Voting Rights in Ohio

5/22/16 | Robert Watson, "Election 2016"

5/17/16 | Public Policy Forum, "2016 Republican National Convention: What's it mean to Cleveland?"

5/16/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Cleveland's Radio Superstars"

4/11/16 | Sharona Hoffman, "Aging with a Plan: How a Little Thought Today Can Vastly Improve Your Tomorrow"

4/4/16 | Eshkol Nevo, "An Evening with Eshkol Nevo: Nili Adler Memorial Lecture"

3/30/16 | Ross Brann, "An Intimate Rivalry: The Jews and Classical Islam"

3/14/16 | Beth Kissileff, "Crossing Boundaries: How Artists, Rabbis, Poets and Politicians Study Bible Together"

3/9/16 | Jonathan Sarna, "Looking Ahead: American Judaism in the 21st Century"

2/24/16 | Lee Smith, "Consequences of the Iran Nuclear Deal"

2/9/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Cuyahoga County Waterfronts and Neighborhood Development"

2/7/16 | Paul Root Wolpe, "Ending Suffering By Ending Life: The Dilemma of Saul"

2/4/16 | Ruvik Rosenthal, "The Hebrew Language Then and Now: A Miraculous Journey"

1/19/16 | Public Policy Forum, "Your Money, Your Healthcare: Accessing Quality Treatment at a Time of Rapid Change"

1/12/16 | Sarit Zehavi, "ISIS vs. Hezbollah: The Ultimate Security Challenge for Israel"

12/16/15 | Martin Shichtman, "The Campus Movement to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel: Prospects and Implications"

11/20/15 | Glenn Starkman, "How Big is Big? Listening for the Shape of the Universe (TEDxCLE)"

11/20/15 | Claudia de Rham, "The Nature of the Graviton (TEDxCLE)"

11/20/15 | Ruth Gregory, "Black Holes & New Revelations: The Music of the Universe (TEDxCLE)"

11/20/15 | Nergis Mavalvala, "Exploring the Warped Side of the Universe (TEDxCLE)"

11/20/15 | Stacy McGaugh, "Orbits, Gravity, & Modified Dynamics (TEDxCLE)"

11/20/15 | Paul Steinhardt, "Filling the Big Gap in Einstein’s Theory (TEDxCLE)"

11/17/15 | Oded Zehavi, "The Many Faces of Israeli Music"

10/26/15 | Sara Horowitz, "Belated Memories: The Holocaust in Israeli Cinema"

10/21/15 | James E. Young, "The Language of Memorial Architecture: Between Berlin and New York"

9/30/15 | Eric Kisch (moderator), "The Violins of Hope: A Conversation with Amnon Weinstein"

10/7/15 | Public Policy Forum, "Housing Crisis in Northeast Ohio--Where Are We in 2015?"

8/19/15 | Public Policy Forum, "How to Become an Education Activist in Northeast Ohio"

7/29/15 | Public Policy Forum, "Land Use in Cuyahoga County"

6/17/15 | Public Policy Forum, "Regional Cooperation or How to Get 59 Civic Entities to Play Together"

3/25/15 | Etgar Keret, "An Evening with Etgar Keret"

3/18/15 | Jane Eisner, "In the Public Eye: Jews and the Media"

3/16/15 | Jay Geller, "Israel and Germany: From Shoah to Special Relationship"

3/8/15 | Chamber Music Workshop at Harkness Chapel

2/18/15 | Scott Cowen, "The Inevitable City: The Resurgence of New Orleans and the Future of Urban America"

1/21/15 | Siegal Lifelong Learning Spring 2015 Kickoff with NASA Astronaut Michael J. Foreman

11/7/14 | ISO-MOCA Symposium, "Food: Origins, Innovation, Imagination"

12/8/14 | Brian Amkraut, "Atzma'ut and Naqba: Parallel Narratives and the Contentious History of 1947-1949"

10/13/14 | Doron Kalir, "Israel: Still 'Jewish and Democratic'?"

9/15/14 | David Starr, "Zionism in the Twenty-First Century: What Would Herzl Say?"