Addiction and Opioid Crisis Series

At a time when we hear on the news daily about the cartels moving into our community, these sessions are for everyone to get current information on the opioid crisis. Sheryl Hirsh developed this series in 2015 to educate the local community on the growing opioid crisis, its dangers, the people who fight each day to make our community safe and the professionals working to help people suffering from the disease of addiction. Stay tuned for information on our next series in 2019.

This series is co-sponsored by The Jewish Federation of Cleveland, The Cleveland Jewish News and is presented in loving memory of Melissa Rae Koppel. Siegal Lifelong Learning encourages contributions to the Melissa Rae Fund in Support of Addiction Advocacy, Understanding and Change.

This series is for you if:

  • You are a parent of middle school, high school, or college-age students
  • You are a student in middle school, high school or college
  • You are a concerned community-minded individual
  • You are a social worker, working with addicted patients

What you will get from this series:

  • Information on the growing epidemic
  • Resources to help those suffering with addiction
  • Things you can do locally to help

Program Coordinator: Sheryl Hirsh in loving memory of her daughter, Melissa Rae Koppel. Siegal Lifelong Learning encourages contributions to the Melissa Rae Fund in Support of Substance Abuse Advocacy, Understanding, and Change. Call Sheryl Hirsh at 216.368.4623 for more information.

Substance Abuse Series Video Archive:


12/6/18 | Addiction and Opioid Crisis Series, "Addiction and Suicide: Correlations and How a Community Responds"


12/7/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "Sober-Living-Homes Make A Difference"

11/16/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "Suburban Challenges: Mayors' Call to Action"

10/19/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "What Goes Into Training First Responders? Why Should We Care

9/14/17 | Substance Abuse Series, "A County's Perspective: How Did We Get Here and What's Being Done?"


9/8/16 | Substance Abuse Series,​​​​​​​ "Session I: History to Recover"

9/15/16 | Substance Abuse Series,​​​​​​​ "Session II: No Greater Bond: Mothers and Children"

9/22/16 | Substance Abuse Series,​​​​​​​ "Session III: HELP! The Who, What, When, Where & How"

9/29/16 | Substance Abuse Series,​​​​​​​ "Session IV: Recovering Addicts Making a Difference"

Channel 19 TV News did a story on our Substance Abuse Forums featuring an interview with the program's creator, our very own Sheryl Hirsh!