Janice Vitullo
Instructor of Lifelong Learning
Tuesdays, January 9-February 27
10-11:30AM ET

Join us for a close reading and in-depth discussion of Vergil's great epic poem the Aeneid, along with comparative analyses of Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Included in the Aeneid itself are the stories of the fall of Troy and the founding of Rome. The historical period covered is Vergil's own: the end of the Civil War and beginning of the Augustan era. Excerpts in Latin will be presented, as well as some of the literary and metrical devices used by the poet. After one of the classes (date to be announced) an optional trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see various classical- themed works will be led by Ms. Vitullo.

Read: Virgil: Aeneid, translated by Robert Fagles. As this translation will be heavily referenced during class, students are urged not to purchase a different one.

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