Earl Leiken, J.D.
Instructor of Lifelong Learning
Wednesdays, September 25-October 30 (no class Oct 2)
10:00AM to 12:00PM ET

The United States is more politically polarized than it has been since the Civil War. This course will examine the convictions and concerns of the groups on each side of the divide heading into the 2024 Presidential election. We’ll explore the reasons why human convictions are so deeply held as illustrated in The Righteous Mind by psychologist Jonathan Haidt.  We will then look at the composition of the various groups on each side of the political divide and what binds them together in opposition to those on the other side. Class discussion will focus on the goal of better understanding the attitudes and concerns on both sides and the impact of current trends on our democracy.

Read: The Righteous Mind, Jonathan Haidt

This course is offered with the generous support of the Association for Continuing Education.

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