Eastside Conversations

Loosely fashioned after the popular City Club Forum, these sessions provide the community with a unique luncheon program once a month, in which contemporary issues are discussed. Led by local university faculty and laypeople, this forum provides participants the opportunity to engage in meaningful questions and conversations.

Daniel Goldmark
November 30, 2018|noon-1:30 p.m.

Stories of the film musical's demise have been bandied about for years. With the popularity of La La Land and other recent films, however, we can see that film musicals are alive and well. In this presentation, Daniel Goldmark looks at recent film musicals and the legacy of classic Hollywood.

Michael Weil
December 14, 2018|noon-1:30 p.m.

Alfred Stieglitz—photographer, gallerist, and impresario—helped launch the career of the celebrated painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Less appreciated is the role O'Keeffe played in securing her husband's artistic legacy. Dr.