Health Education Lecture Series

The future is now: powerful new ways to treat genetic disorders and the ethical dilemmas they raise.

There are an estimated 7,000 genetic disorders, most of which are caused by minute changes in our chromosomes. The vast majority of these changes are very small alterations of just 1 of 3 billion letters that make up our DNA. Technologies to “repair” our DNA now exist and are being improved rapidly, moving the bottleneck from our ability to repair DNA to being able to do it in enough of our body’s trillions of cells.  

Register for one or all of these lectures to learn more about human genetics, technologies available, recent successes, ethical issues and more.

Wednesdays, October 6-November 17 | 7 - 8:30 p.m. ET (no lecture October 27)

Location: Landmark Centre Building, 25700 Science Park Drive, Beachwood

Members: $5/lecture
Nonmembers: $11/lecture

Details and registration coming soon.