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4/28/21 | What's New in the Bible | Alison Joseph, Author, Biblical Scholar, Senior Editor of Posen Library of Jewish Civilization and Culture

1/21/21 | The Addiction Disease and What We Can Do About It | League of Women Voters Forum

12/3/20 | Women and Philanthropy: The Monied Women of Cleveland and their Impact | Dr. Einav Rabinovitch-Fox

11/19/20 | The City on the Hill: Tom L. Johnson and the Mayors influenced by Henry George | Dr. Alexandra W. Lough

11/17/20 | Highlights from the Posen Library Series: Challenges to the Establishment of the Jewish State

11/12/20 | The Equal Rights Amendment: Why We Needed It and How Lawyers Have Fought Gender Discrimination Without It | League of Women Voters

11/12/20 | Highlights from the Posen Library - Secularism and Religious Tradition 

10/28/20 | Highlights from the Posen Library - Voices of Jewish Women

10/21/20 | Highlights from the Posen Library - Critical Events at the end of the 20th Century

9/9/20 | The Nineteenth Amendment: 100 Years of Women in Politics | Robert Watson

8/27/20 | Critical Cybersecurity Concerns in the 2020 Elections | League of Women Voters

8/20/20 | From the 19th Amendment to the Occupy Movement: Women's Social Movement Activism | Heather Hurwitz

5/6/20 | War and Pestilence: Cleveland Confronts the "Spanish Flu" 1918 | John Grabowski

4/7/20 | There by the Grace of God Did They Go: The Kisch Family Experience in Shanghai and Beyond | Kevin Ostoyich

4/24/20 | Immigration Legislation In America: Who Gets In, Who Doesn’t And Why? | Barbara Greenberg

4/15/20 | The Connections Between Sleep and Cancer: What You Need to Know

4/7/20 | Nobel Laureate Lecture Series: Peace: Promotion of Peace in Ethiopia

3/27/20 | The World of Virgil’s Aeneid: The Archaeology of Augustan Rome and Imperial Propaganda

3/24/20 | Nobel Laureate Lecture Series: Physics: The Infancy of the Universe and Worlds Beyond Our Solar System

3/10/20 | Nobel Laureate Lecture Series: Medicine: Oxygen Levels and Physiological Functions In Humans