Zoom Etiquette

Once you log onto a Zoom lecture or class, keep these tips in mind for creating the best learning environment for yourself, your classmates, and the instructor. 

EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU – if the class or lecture is set up for participants to all see each other, remember to comb your hair and don’t wear your pajamas. You do have the option to turn off your camera. 

EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU – please remember that unless your microphone is muted, others can hear your conversations with people in your house, the dog barking or the vacuum running in the next room. Mute your microphone when you aren’t participating.

EVERYONE SEES YOUR WRITTEN COMMENTS – If you are using the public chat feature in Zoom to type comments, please keep it considerate and relevant. Remember that people don’t always know if you’re joking or being sarcastic. When in doubt, leave it out….and use the private chat function or wait for a break during class to talk with others.

THE INTERNET IS FOREVER – Remember that many of these programs are recorded. That means that your live comments, chat comments, and anything else you do are being recorded as well. 

If you need help using Zoom, visit the information page.