Meet Biochemistry MS Alumni

Xuan Zhao, Poctdoctoral Fellow

"I knew CWRU is a top research medical school in the US. I also knew our department has a long and glorious history. During my M.S. studies, I accumulated research experience in the lab. I also built a solid knowledge base for my future research. All of this training helped me successfully finish my PhD degree on time. "
Xuan Zhao, Postdoctoral fellow

Nada Alhazmi, Biochemistry Ph.D. Student

I believe that getting an M.S. degree in Biochemistry at CWRU is valuable because the MS program significantly improved my research skills. After receiving my MS degree, I stayed on and earned my PhD in Biochemistry. After receiving my PhD degree, I returned to my country and became a faculty member in a university."
Nada Alhazmi, Assistant Professor , King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Jeremy Saks, Patent Litigation Attorney

"Having the MS in Biochemistry has been invaluable in my career. I often work on cases that involve complex molecular compounds or methods of drug development. Having an advanced degree in Biochemistry allows me to better understand and grasp the technology, method, or device."
Jeremy Saks, Patent Litigation Attorney
JD/Biochemistry MS Dual Degree Program

Nhu Nguyen, Biotech Research Scientist

"In the lab, all the undergraduate, graduate students, and postdocs inspired me significantly not only by their intelligence, but also by their integrity, persistence, hard work, dedication, and their strong passion for scientific discovery -- these are great qualities that I have always tried to learn, to practice, and to bring with me anywhere the next job takes me to."
Nhu Nguyen, Biotech Research Scientist in California

Kelley Car, Research Assistant 4

"I was hired as a research assistant and decided to take advantage of the employee benefit for tuition waiver. It is really too good of an opportunity to pass up: I was able to earn a graduate level degree from such a prestigious school for basically free. I continue to work in the same lab as I was hired into, but my degree has given me more opportunities for advancement: I was hired in as an RA2, was promoted to RA4-Lab Manager."
Kelley Carr, Research Assistant 4

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