Faculty Spotlight

Image of headshot of Sichun Yang

Sichun Yang

Case Western Reserve researchers uncover novel drug targets by piecing together receptor structures

Sichun Yang, PhD, Associate Professor, received an Exceptional Project award from the Breast Cancer Alliance and an omnibus grant from the National Cancer Institute. The Breast Cancer Alliance is a private foundation that is committed to recognize creative, unique and innovative research for breast cancer. Together with recent support from the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC), these awards will accelerate the drug discovery for advanced ER-positive breast cancer by harnessing an unprecedented “burning the bridge” strategy for estrogen receptor to develop “first-in-class” inhibitors to fight against endocrine therapy resistance.

More related findings have been featured in The Daily and also profiled in the annual Science Highlights at the Argonne National Lab as well as highlights from National Comprehensive Cancer Network newsletter.