Our Graduates

Portrait of Mary Bailey-Swanzy wearing a white doctor's coat

Mary Bailey-Swanzy, MPH, MS

  • AT Still University of Health Sciences, DO class of 2025
  • Case Western Reserve University, MPH/MS in Nutrition, 2018

Portrait of Marie-Andree Belzile-Davidson

Marie-Andree Belzile-Davidson, MS

  • Matched to dietetic internship at Cleveland Clinic, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2021
  • University of Delaware, BS in Food Science, 2014

"I have always had a passion for food - it is my family’s way to show love, share our heritage, and create lasting memories. After earning my B.S. in Food Science and working in the food manufacturing industry for several years, I realized I wanted to do more to help others, through food. I chose to continue my education at Case Western not just because it was close to home, but because the department instantly made me feel like family. I plan on becoming a registered dietitian and hope to work in a clinical setting and eventually move into functional nutrition."

Portrait of Allie Fekete

Allie Fekete, MS

  • Accepted to University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2019

"Coming from a large public university for undergrad to the MS in Nutrition program at Case, I was amazed by the resources accessible to students. With small class sizes and professors who are invested in your success, I felt supported to achieve academically and personally. This program and the professors’ curricula really advanced my critical thinking skills, which I know will greatly benefit me during medical school and my future career."

Portrait of Lacresha Johnson

Lacresha Johnson, MS, RDN, LD

  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2017

"After 6 years of working, I made the decision to start my master's in nutrition with the intention of using my MS as a post-bac and apply for medical school. I always saw nutrition as the foundation for preventative medicine and felt if I was going to be a great primary care physician that I needed extensive nutrition knowledge. Halfway through the program, I realized I love nutrition and that I could be just as impactful being a registered dietitian as I could be being a doctor. Having class with Professor Tammy Randall & Dr. Sharon Groh-Wargo deepened my view of how impactful dietitians can be. My internship has been the highlight of my graduate studies, especially my WIC and community nutrition rotation."

Headshot of Jack Kincaid wearing a white shirt and blue tie.

Jack Kincaid, MS

  • Research Assistant at University of Cambridge
  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, BA in Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism, 2021

At CWRU, I worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of Dr. Nathan Berger, Dean Emeritus of CWRU School of Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry, Genetics and Genome Sciences, Oncology, and Medicine.  Apart from the truly important aspects of performing undergraduate research (developing a strong relationship with my mentor and improving my own resilience and critical thinking ability), my time in the Berger Lab was very fruitful: I placed first in multiple research competitions held at CWRU, presented my work at two national conferences (one of which I won an award for), as well as wrote two papers (one published, one to be submitted for review), both of which I have first authorship on.  I was also fortunate to be supported through the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center’s CanSUR program and Washington University in St. Louis’s Pediatric Student Research program to continue research throughout each of my summers and get exposure to a wide variety of research disciplines.  After graduating, I travelled to the United Kingdom to work as a research assistant (and soon a graduate student) in the lab of Professor Sir Stephen O’Rahilly at the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Metabolic Science.  For the next two years I will have the opportunity to conduct obesity genetics research full-time prior to pursuing an MD/PhD in the United States.

Portrait of Alicia Lee

Alicia Lee

  • Matched to dietetic internship at Tufts University, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, BS in Nutrition, 2021

"During summer 2020, although I was not able to stay in Cleveland, I was recruited onto a team with a few of my friends to work as the nutritionist and help develop a new nonprofit organization called Metro Atlanta Food Initiative, where our mission was to serve low-income families in our local suburban Atlanta communities and relieve food insecurity issues caused by the recent outbreak of COVID-19. I worked as the head of products on the team, making sure that our food packages were packed with healthy foods that would help these families fulfill their daily servings of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy products. On our first day of action, we raised about $6,000 to successfully package and deliver food packages to over 175 families! Additionally, as a nutrition major at CWRU, I’m so grateful for being given these opportunities to serve my community with the knowledge I gained throughout my undergraduate career pursuing a BS in Human Nutrition. I shared this important project with the department, and I was met with such genuine enthusiasm for the things I was able to accomplish back at home. Their continued eagerness to support my endeavors has helped me become more motivated and passionate to work towards my goal of becoming a dietitian by completing the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD)."

Portrait of Katie Nabors

Katie Nabors, MS, MFA

  • Matched to dietetic internship at UNC Greensboro, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, MFA in Dance, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2020

"In the MS Nutrition program at CWRU I felt both academically pushed and intellectually nurtured. The professors wholeheartedly want you to succeed and they understand that each student has their own learning style(s). My advisor and professors genuinely valued and respected who I am as a person and they encouraged me at every turn to cultivate my unique career goals."

Image of headshot of Rachel Paul

Rachel Paul, MS, RD, CDN

  • Doctoral Fellow at Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Teachers College, Columbia University, PhD in Behavioral Nutrition, Expected Graduation May 2018
  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Public Health Nutrition, 2013
  • Case Western Reserve University, BS in Nutrition, 2012
  • Website: College Nutritionist

Image of headshot of Katie Serbinski

Katie Serbinski, MS, RD

  • Nutrition Communications Consultant & Millennial Mom Blogger
  • Case Western Reserve University, Master of Science in Public Health Nutrition, 2010
  • Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, 2008
  • Website: Mom to Mom Nutrition


Portrait of Eunice Suberu

Eunice Suberu, MS

  • Case Western Reserve University, MS in Nutrition, 2021
  • Case Western Reserve University, BA in Nutritional Biochemistry & Metabolism, 2021

"I declared my major in the Nutrition Department after my first semester of college — with no prior nutrition classes, but the overwhelming encouragement from a few friends who were Nutrition/Nutritional Biochemistry majors. I enjoyed all of my nutrition classes, and when I found out about the BS/MS program, I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity to pursue further topics in nutrition. I especially enjoy the flexibility of the program, and my ability to take psychology and dance, in conjunction with my nutrition coursework. After graduation, I plan to take a gap year doing research abroad, and then matriculate into medical school to later become a pediatric emergency medicine physician. With my background in nutrition, I want to focus my career mainly in the global health sector, concentrating on topics in maternal and child nutrition."

Image of headshot of Taylor Wolfram

Taylor Wolfram, MS, RDN, LDN

  • Manager, Dietetics Content at Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Illinois State University, Master of Science, Family & Consumer Sciences 2013
  • Case Western Reserve University, Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, 2011
  • Website: Whole Green Wellness


Divya Aggarwal, MS, RDN, LDN                                               

  • Columbia University, MS in Human Nutrition, 2014
  • Matched to dietetic internship at Cornell University, 2012 
  • Case Western Reserve University, BS in Human Nutrition, 2012

"The faculty of the Case Western Reserve University Department of Nutrition genuinely care about the success of their students while in the program and long after they have graduated. 

I had immense support throughout my time in the department from completing my DPD coursework to applying for Dietetic Internships. Dr. James Swain prepared me incredibly well for the Dietetic Internship application process and I credit his support and preparation for helping me get into my first choice DI. 
I also greatly appreciated my nutrition education at CWRU. I feel privileged to have had Dr. James Swain and Dr. Hope Barkoukis as professors. They are approachable and are incredibly knowledgeable and accomplished dietetics professionals. They are excellent instructors and I always looked forward to attending my nutrition courses. I have received dietetics education and training at other institutions since graduating from Case Western Reserve, yet, I still feel most connected to my professors from the CWRU Department of Nutrition and feel that I received the best nutrition education there. Above all, the faculty of the CWRU Department of Nutrition are superb mentors, and I feel I entered the field of nutrition well prepared because of their teaching and support. Though it's been many years since I graduated from the Case Western Reserve University Department of Nutrition, my professors have continued to serve as mentors and have continued to support me in my career endeavors, something I deeply value and appreciate.
I am forever grateful for the education and support I received from the Case Western Reserve University Department of Nutrition, and I highly recommend their programs to anyone interested in entering the field of nutrition and dietetics. You will receive an excellent education and solid support from caring instructors and mentors, support that will persist beyond your graduation because the faculty are truly committed to your success in the profession long after you have received your degree. "