Jack, Joseph, Morton Mandel Wellness & Preventive Care Pathway Enrolls 44 New Students

We are pleased to announce that the Jack, Joseph, Morton Mandel Wellness & Preventive Care Pathway has enrolled 44 new MD students in 2022.  This represents 47% of all students enrolling in Pathways (95 in total).

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine prides itself on molding the best and brightest students into the finest healthcare professionals in the field. A world-class faculty, facilities and curriculum create the perfect environment for a traditional medical education with the School of Medicine constantly striving to improve upon its already high standards. To that end, a series of "pathways" (or concentrations) have been (are being) implemented to better develop well-rounded medical professionals who will graduate equipped to treat patients more effectively.

The Mandel Wellness and Preventive Care Pathway will focus on preparing students for excellence in the field of multi-dimensional and holistic wellness, equipping them with the knowledge and training to encourage healthy lifestyles in themselves and future patients. Wellness Pathway content, including a speaker series, practical applications in healthy cooking, relaxation techniques and more, will add approximately two (2) hours to existing medical school students’ weekly workload. Participants will emerge with an understanding and appreciation of wellness that encompasses mind, body and spirit, as well as social and environmental factors. Alternatively, they may elect to pursue a joint degree in one of several related fields, such as the MD/MS in nutrition via the Biomedical Investigation degree program.