Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals Certificate

This transcriptable certificate requires 15 credits of coursework, which can be counted toward an MS degree in nutrition, and a GPA of 3.0 for successful completion. No transfer courses or work experience may be used in lieu of credit courses.

Students may complete either the Certificate in Maternal and Child Nutrition or the Certificate in Nutrition for Health Care Professionals but not both. 

Required Courses

Course Number Course Description Credits
NTRN 401 Nutrition for Community and Healthcare Professionals 2 or 3
NTRN 433 Advanced Human Nutrition I 4


Choose 3 NTRN courses at the 400-level or higher from the list below.

Course Number Course Description Credits
NTRN 434 Advanced Human Nutrition II 3
NTRN 435 Nutrition for Pregnancy and Lactation 3
NTRN 436 Pediatric Nutrition 3
NTRN 437 Nutrition Communication, Counseling and Behavior Change Strategies 3
NTRN 438 Dietary Supplements 3
NTRN 439* Food Behavior: Physiological, Psychological and Environmental Determinants 3
NTRN 440 Nutrition for the Aging and Aged 3
NTRN 446 Advanced Maternal Nutrition: Special Topics 3
NTRN 448 Integrative and Functional Nutrition 3
NTRN 452 Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism 3
NTRN 454 Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism: Investigative Methods 3
NTRN 455 Molecular Nutrition 3
NTRN 456 Pediatric Obesity 3
NTRN 459 Diabetes Prevention and Management 3
NTRN 460 Sports Nutrition 3
NTRN 462 Exercise Physiology and Macronutrient Metabolism 3
NTRN 528 Introduction to Public Health Nutrition 3
NTRN 529 Nutritional Epidemiology 3
  Total Elective Credits 9

*Not currently offered.

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