Public Health Nutrition Masters Programs

Four volunteers working at a food drive
Image of brown wood square serving dish covered with white and yellow checkered cloth, on which are onions, carrots and beets with stems on, and an egg, behind which is a pitcher deocarated with apples, ,greens and browns, which contain red and white flowers.  There is a green field and bright sun in the background
MS in Public Health Nutrition

The primary goal of this 16-month program is to prepare students for employment in public health or community agencies to promote health, reduce the risk of chronic disease and advance the nutritional health of our population.

Image of 9 people standing in front of apple trees and holding bags of apples
MS in Public Health Nutrition/Dietetic Internship

The MS in Public Health Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine was the first program of its kind in the nation. It was created in 1941 and accredited as a dietetic internship in 1987. It is offered with and without the dietetic internship option.