Combined Bachelor's/Master's (CBM) Degree Program


The Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program allows for acceleration toward graduate study in Nutrition and is intended for highly motivated candidates who wish to pursue an advanced degree. This program permits undergraduate students to study for their master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree. 

Program Details

Students admitted to the Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree program in Nutrition are able to count up to 9 credit hours of graduate-level coursework toward both degrees. In addition, any graduate-level courses taken while enrolled as an undergraduate that are in excess of undergraduate degree requirements, including the total number of credit hours required for the undergraduate degree, may be moved to the graduate transcript and apply to the graduate degree.

Upon admission to the program, Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree students will continue to register as an undergraduate student and are subject to the undergraduate policies, rules, and regulations as specified in the General Bulletin until completion of the undergraduate degree. Students will be charged tuition at the undergraduate level until the undergraduate degree is awarded. After being awarded the undergraduate degree, a student enrolls at the graduate level, pays graduate tuition to complete requirements for the master’s degree, and no longer has access to undergraduate scholarships.

The Undergraduate Advising Support Office will ensure students meet the requirements of the undergraduate degree program, and that appropriate graduate-level courses may be substituted for undergraduate courses. It will also certify any credit hours beyond those required for the undergraduate degree that may be used for a graduate program.

Admission Requirements

  1. At the end of the semester in which the student applies, the student must have completed at least 90 credit hours towards the bachelor's degree.
  2. The student must have at least one semester of remaining undergraduate degree requirements to complete. 
  3. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.6, have completed NTRN 363 and NTRN 364 and meet the admissions criteria for the MS in Nutrition.
  4. Once enrolled in the CBM, students may register for a maximum of 15 credit hours of combined undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Application Process

  1. Interested students should contact Prof. Tammy Randall ( to assess their eligibility for the Combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program.
  2. Students appropriate for the CBM degree program should apply via the online application system. Letters of recommendation may not be from faculty within the department of Nutrition.  
  3. Download the Planned Program of Study (PPOS) Form and complete it with Prof. Randall. 
  4. Upload the PPOS form onto the online application; this form is considered unofficial at this point and will be used in the review process by the department. Submit the online application. 
  5. If  accepted, students MUST have the PPOS form reviewed and signed by the Undergraduate Advising Support Office. The Undergraduate Advising Support Office will return the form to Graduate Studies for final review. 
  6. Once the form has been signed off by all parties, the student receives their official offer letter from Graduate Studies. The student will need to accept the offer of admission in order to matriculate with a graduate record in SIS.